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Japan Trip 2013 – Hakone

See Flickr for the complete photo set

Boating and going up and down the mountains of Hakone during the rain, then and another ramen museum!

Time to activate our JR passes!

Stocking up on some snacks for the long train ride

Watch out for chikans!

First stop, the tourist booth

Checking out the shops for some nomihodai for our friends back in Waseda

Take the Tozan bus to the cable cars location

It was quite rainy that day with heavy fog – we chose the wrong day ;(

Nice boat.

We decided to rent a boat and go out to the lake in the middle of the rain. The old man looked at us like we were crazy, but took our 2k yen anyway.

Got some decent pictures at least

Back on land, still raining ;< Their gift shop Aboard the cable car up the mountain You're supposed to eat these raw black eggs while going up the mountain. I couldn't stand the taste of mine. My friend couldn't stand holding his. Oops! We definitely chose the wrong day to go sight-seeing on Hakone mountain ;< The engines that pull the rope and make it all happen I had no idea what this was, but I just remember really wanting to hack it This drink was amazing. We were hungry, so we ate some simple ramen: Taking the train back to the station Another ramen museum The first floor was the gallery and gift shop Also on the first floor was a Japan Expo display No Ramen, No Life. The second floor was designed to mimic old school dark alley streets. Or something like that. Forgot orz The very bottom floor was where all the ramen shops were. You choose one of them, go in, eat a bowl of ramen that is suppose to represent the ramen of a location. Note that you can't take the ramen outside the store, so you can't eat with your friends if they choose different stores ; ( And of course, we got some sake for that night ;3 Stay tuned for more Japan Akihabara goodness! ~Keripo MyFigureCollection: http://myfigurecollection.net/blog/9519

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