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Moving into the new place

So right after my Japan trip I actually had to start packing to move to a new place. The bad news was that I had some heavy Detolfs and a few hundred figures to box up and move. The good news was that the new place was right across the street and much bigger (aka more display space!)

Here’s some pictures I took of the process. Still not completely done tidying up my new place yet (let alone finish unpacking all the figures), so expect a more organized, complete “room tour” blog post down the road.

One last photo of my old place before it gets torn down… the calm before the storm…

Panorama of my old place, taken during Hurricane-Keripo.

Used a dolly to transport the Detolfs with a help from some friends. Boxing up all the figures actually took over half of the moving time.

There were a bunch of figures without boxes ;(

The remains of a once-majestic couch

Boxes moved over! Wow, that’s a lot of boxes!

Bought three more Detolfs; I designated that wall as the “Gallery”

Citrus had the awesome idea of raising the Detolfs with some Expedit blocks… was the perfect storage space for all my P’chara Arcueids too!

Opened up all the moving boxes, here’s the pile

Decided to stack em… how many figure boxes can you recognize?

This armchair was originally meant to be for humans… Instead, my plushies took it over… orz

Living room, Gallery Side

Living room, TV side

Nice corner of the room with big windows and plenty of lighting, perfect for future figure photography!

Temporary setup, planning on getting some red cloth to use as backdrop

Dollfie Dream stuff in the CoolCat carrying bag… haven’t gotten around to organizing all of it yet

Decent view I suppose

The kitchen has a nice island in the middle, the perfect place to sit and eat at while watching anime

Bedroom is a bit too big for me, but at least I can put in two Billy bookcases

Custom Saber dakimakura ^_^

WIP TYPE-MOON media shelf (with the exception of the *cough* bottom left row *cough*)

Still not done unboxing all the figures, but I’m almost half way there (haven’t even started on anything TYPE-MOON yet…)

Planning on photographing the individual figures after I’m done. Anyone have any figure review requests? Add them into the poll below, I’ve already started the list (see here for my collection, or here just for my TYPE-MOON stuff)


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  1. I’m astonished on the amount of figures you have and I’m shocked that you kept all the boxes too. I’m a terriable person who recycled all of my boxes to save space =/