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[F/GO] Arturia vs Attila: Comparative Analysis

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Arturia vs Attila: Comparative Analysis from grandorder

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Got requested on Chatango to share my Arturia vs Attila comparison post, so here it is.

*Edit:* Rewrote the Skills section and updated the NP section with more calcations.



Arturia: http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/6110-Fate-Grand-Order-Gameplay-Profiles?p=2034057#post2034057

* 11221 ATK / 15150 HP
* Riding B: +8% Quick dmg
* Magic Resistance A: +20.0% debuff resistance
* Charisma B: Party buff atk +11.7% (+18%) for 3 turns
* Mana Burst A: Self-buff Buster +36% (+50%) for 1 turn
* Instinct A: Gain 8 (15) stars for 1 turn
* Excalibur A NP: 300% (500%) damage to all enemies, refund 20% (50%) NP
* Excalibur A+ NP: 400% (600%) damage to all enemies, refund 20% (50%) NP

Attila: http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/6110-Fate-Grand-Order-Gameplay-Profiles?p=2034082#post2034082

* 12343 ATK / 13907 HP
* Riding A: +10% Quick dmg
* Magic Resistance B: +17.5% debuff resistance
* Divinity B: +175 flat damage per card
* Military Tactics B: Party NP dmg +11.7% (+18%) for 1 turn
* Natural Body D: Self-heal 1450 HP (2500 HP), Attack Debuff Resistance +52% (+80%)
* Star Emblem EX: Self-buff attack +16% (+30%) for 3 turns and gain 8 (15) stars for 1 turn
* Photon Ray A- NP: 300% (500%) damage to all enemies, reduce defence 10% (30%) for 3 turns
* Photon Ray A NP: 400% (600%) damage to all enemies, reduce defence 10% (30%) for 3 turns

# Base attack
Attila’s base attack is slightly higher than Arturia’s by 10%, so her normal attacks will obviously hit a bit harder. Her Riding passive is 2% higher but both only have 1 Quick card, which should never be used anyway. Attila also has Divinity, which gives +175 flat damage per attack, so at lvl 90, this ends up being more or less insignificant. So overall, Attila hits slightly harder than Arturia, but the difference becomes even less when you pump in the additional +990 ATK from Fou-kun cards and +X atk from the equipped CE. Assuming all Fou-kuns and +800 atk from your CE (lvl 20 Limit Over Zero), you’re looking at 13011 vs 14113, an 8% damage advantage in Attila’s favour for regular attacks.

# Skills
Arturia’s Charisma B gives your whole party a +11.7% (+18%) attack buff for 3 turns, whereas Attila’s Star Emblem EX gives just herself a +16% (+30%) attack buff for 3 turns. Which is better? Depends on your setup; if Attila is your hardest hitting card, probably Star Emblem EX, but if all 3 of your Servants have similar attack power, Charisma B would be better. Both Arturia’s Instinct A and Attila’s Star Emblem EX grant a nice handful of stars for one turn, both giving the same amount. Arturia’s Mana Burst A gives a self-buff for +36% (+50%) Buster damage for 1 turn, which is best used with her Buster NP. Attila’s Military Tactics B give a party buff for +11.7% (+18%) NP damage for 1 turn. Which is better? See the “NP” section for numerical comparisons. One extra nice skill that Attila gets though is a self-heal through her Natural Body D. The heal amount at lvl 4 is +1450HP, which helps Attila match up to Arturia’s higher base HP. Level the skill higher and this will give Attila better survivability than Arturia. Natural Body D also has an additional bonus of increasing Attila’s attack debuff resistance, but I don’t think it’s very useful as it is usually hard to predict when AI uses attack down debuffs. So skillwise, both Sabers have solid skills overall.

# NP
Both Sabers have AoE Buster NPs. Arturia’s recovers some NP gauge so it can be fired again later on, while Attila’s reduces the enemy’s defence for 3 turns to increase damage temporarily. Both secondary effects are nice but not really game changing. The most important factor is the primary damage. Both first and second tier NPs have the same percent damage: 300% upgraded to 400%. Its important to note, however, that Attila’s NP interlude is currently not in-game, meaning her NP will be stuck at 300%, whereas Arturia’s starts at 400%. So it’ll be like comparing an NP1 to an NP2. Equally importantly, however, is how the Servant’s active skills stack up to boost the NP damage.

In the scenario of just one NP, assuming 400% base and the Master Skill +50% attack buff is applied, Arturia’s Mana Burst A will boost her NP to 400% x (100% + 50% + 36%) = 744%, while Attila’s Military Tactics B will boost her NP to 400% x (100% + 50%) x (100% + 11.7%) = 601%. Due to Attila not currently having her second interlude, it will actually be 400% x (100% + 50%) x (100% + 11.7%) = 503%, which is a lot, lot less than Arturia. Factor in Attila’s higher attack stats and you’re still looking at 744% vs ~%550. But Attila’s skill buffs your entire party, meaning if you have two other NPs being fired that same turn, those NPs will get an additional 11.7% damage, in addition to the 10% defence down damage for the other two NPs (which would be multiplied in the same way as Arturia’s Mana Burst buff, not like Attila’s Military Tactics buff) as well as for the next 2 turns of normal attacks. Will those two make up for the ~200% damage difference? Depends entirely on your setup; you’ll need to [run the numbers yourself](http://blogs.nrvnqsr.com/entry.php/3309-How-is-damage-calculated) to find out. Note that these numbers do not take into effect the Buster bonus or class triangle or other modifiers.


# Conclusion
So Attila’s base normal damage is higher and both have comparably good skill sets. Arturia’s NP is much stronger standalone but Attila’s NP and skills can potentially lead to more damage if combined with other Servant NPs. So which is the “better” Servant? It depends on your situation. In a daily grind situation, you mostly care about AoE NPs, so Arturia will shine. In a boss situation, you probably care more about sustained damage, so Attila has a edge. That said, sustained damage should also take into factor NP damage, and given Arturia’s higher NP damage and faster NP recharge due to the NP gauge recovery, she could end up out-damaging Attila still in the long run. And if you are facing up against a strong, high HP boss, you should be bringing single-target NP Servants anyway, not AoE NP ones. More often than not, though, when I do pick an AoE NP servant, I want my NP to be strong enough to wipe the floor in one shot, rather than rely on either chaining NPs or 3 turns of cleanup. Which puts my overall personal preference towards Arturia, who dishes out the NP damage like a boss.

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