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[BDO] DP Damage Reduction Scaling Calculations

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DP Damage Reduction Scaling Calculations from blackdesertonline

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To accompany the previous [AP damage scaling calculations](https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/4iow0q/ap_damage_scaling_calculations/), I did some DP damage reduction scaling tests. This time, I used my lvl 55 witch at 110 AP against a lvl 52 warrior with 188 DP. Again, Multiple Magic Missiles was used and the hit counts factored into the calculations. I tested against 188/170/139/107/0 DP by having the test target warrior take off pieces of armour. Each set of trials was 50 tests.

Unlike the AP calculations, the DP damage reduction calculations weren’t so conclusive. While damage reduction is definitely increasing as DP increases, assuming DP damage reduction is percentage-based, it’s not fully clear if it’s linear or something else. The R^2 values weren’t all that high for linear trendlines at 0.9487, but they weren’t much better for any of the other kind of trendlines (logarithmic, which was what I expected, actually had a worse R^2 of 0.9409). Both the “damage reduction per DP vs DP” and “damage reduction % per DP vs DP” charts look somewhat flat, so I am *leaning* towards linear percentage reduction, but it really seems that 4 averaged data points really isn’t enough to say this for sure…

If you want to try to re-analyze the raw data, it can be found [here](https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=99464FFCFB5C54C2!1118547&authkey=!AIzJAwpZN_WNwLU&ithint=file%2cxlsx) on the second tab. Hopefully these tests, while definitely limited in size and scope (and limited by my and my test dummy’s amount of patience and free time), will encourage others to do further tests and share results.

~Keripo (Majestyca)

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