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[BDO] Double Lariat – Kyoukai Territory War 2016-09-10 (Edan)

“Double Lariat”, territory war video for Black Desert Online, Edan (NA) server, 2016/09/10
Recorded by DesireeNA, lvl 56 Witch
Discussion: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/112286-video-double-lariat-kyoukai-territory-war-2016-09-10-edan/
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/52dk9r/double_lariat_kyoukai_territory_war_20160910_edan/
Kyoukai: http://kyoukai-pvp.com/forums/
Black Desert Online: https://www.blackdesertonline.com/

This weekend was a double war for Kyoukai. The first half hour (see running timestamp on bottom right) was Kyoukai + TJJTDS vs EvilPhoenix + CoTP + Tenacious for defending Calpheon castle. After Critical finished their Serendia territory war, they joined us in Calpheon and we tagged out to help Breakthrough + ManUp fight for Valencia castle (to return the favour from Breakthrough for Calpheon a few weeks prior) against Gravity + FML. Unfortunately, the “Command to Gather” skill didn’t work (apparently it doesn’t affect those standing inside a castle, oops) so we all had to run across the entire map on horse/camel to Valencia. Even though war had already been going on for over an hour by the time we arrived, for some reason, we found our virtually undefended fort still at 100%. An hour later, Valencia was in the hands of Breakthrough and Calpheon was still in the hands of Kyoukai.

The title for this video was chosen due to it being a double-feature, as well as in reference to the Vocaloid song of the same name. In making of the video, I also learned about how to post-embed a running timestamp overlay to the footage (bottom right), which I think is really neat since it lets viewers get a better sense of when the shown clips happened during the course of the war. Per feedback from the last BDO war video, I skipped over adding an opening and also chose some more upbeat background music. I’m a huge Armin van Buuren fan, and a few days ago, he just announced a new compilation CD, “A State of Trance – 15 years”, featuring a bunch of epic classics. Was split between “We Control the Sunlight” by Aly & Fila and “Awakening” by Rank1 for this video’s background music, but went with the former as I think it fit more with the footage. Even though I don’t understand the Spanish lyrics, the tune for “Unbreakable” felt pretty fitting as well.

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