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Re:Zero Rem Custom Dollfie Dream

Protecting the smile of best girl Rem…

It’s been almost two and a half years since I entered the world of Dollfie Dream and started my first custom Dollfie project, Arcueid Brunestud. It would take me another 8 months before I finally completed her (during which I ended up adopting an official Volks Saber Lily), after which I decided that would be the end of it and I would live happily ever after. Or so I thought…

While 2016 was a shitty year in various other areas, it was a decent one for anime. More Gundam, more One adaptations, some new Trigger works, plenty of good sequels, tons of quality feels, and of course more isekai series. One of which was Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (or just Re:Zero for short), an isekai light novel adaptation featuring a shitty male protagonist named after a car, a pair of twin maids (one who is Best Girl and the other a computer part), an obligatory loli (minus the onee-sama), and #TeamFelix. And before you say I forgot someone important, you’re right, had to save best for last:

Who could forget the ever lovable, cheerful Puck!?

In any case, despite not-so-secretly having a maid fetish (with an entire Detolf shelf dedicated to maid figures), I was admittedly not all that much a fan of Rem until episode 18, during which she immediately became Best Girl. And then this happened (spoilers alert):

And so, like the rest of the interwebs, I was pretty upset for a good while, until I came across SEN/DollHouse’s newest listing on TaoBao: a Rem (or Ram) Dollfie Dream outfit set. If Subaru-kun didn’t want to protect that precious smile, I will. And so began Project Rem.

The Plan

Rem’s design is somewhat unique but nothing too fancy. An odd maid outfit, short blue hair with overhanging princess cut in front, some flowery hair decorations, simple blue eyes, and a cute smile.

Here’s her official character design for reference:

Close-up screenshot from the anime

The Rem/Ram outfit Taobao listing from SEN/DollHouse actually included options for not only the outfit but also the wig, eyes and shoes, so rather than having to hunt down each outfit part separately like I did for Arcueid, I just bought everything all at once (using SpreeNow for my proxy).

For the head and body, I went with a semi-white DDH-06 head and semi-white DDIII body with an M-bust, ordered directly from Volks USA. The DollHouse model uses a normal DDH-07 (I think?) head with an L bust but I think an DDH-06’s rounder face looks better, her skin is definitely lighter than normal, and while Rem does have a large chest, they’re definitely nothing compared to Arcueid’s.

For the face-up, I went directly to jadepixel, who had previously done the face-up for Arcueid V1. She quickly whipped up a mock in Photoshop that said nothing short of “yes”.

The Parts

And so, I started going down the list step by step. First was of course the outfit from Taobao, which I made sure to thoroughly inspect before deciding to proceed.

Of note is that the black sleeves WILL STAIN, so some inner protection is definitely needed. In the below picture I used a folded up Monopoly $1 paper bill, but I later went and bought a roll of Tamiya-brand masking tape, which is also very popular in model kit/garage kit communities for its flexibility and not leaving behind residue glue.

Arcueid modelling with the outfit. Arc’s shapely L bust definitely bulged out from the designed-for-M-bust-top a bit, but that’s got it’s own appeal I suppose.

Next up was the Volks USA order for the head and body. Since it was free shipping, I also picked up a third metal stand, a stand replacement joint, and some more wig oil.

The semi-white M-bust body definitely fit the outfit much better. A bit baggy in the front but should be fine (there’s no mid-ground between M and L bust unfortunately)

And last but not least, the face-up from jadepixel. Had to later give the front bangs a quick trim to look less brushed-aside and more hime-cut, but otherwise perfection. Compared to the more mature-looking, anime-like DDH-07 head I used for Arc, the rounder, more childish DDH-06 fits Rem much better.

The total:
SEN/DollHouse Rem outfit + eyes + wig + shoes: ~$80
SpreeNow proxy fee + shipping: ~$30
Volks DDH-06 head semi-white: $42
Volks DDIII base body semi-white: $308
jadepixel custom face-up: $85
– Total: ~$545 USD (cheaper than an official character collab Dollfie Dream!)

Project Rem was much, much easier than both Arcueid V0 and Arcueid V1. Since she came out perfect the first time, there probably won’t be a V2 (or was there a V0 either this time). But then again, things were so straightforward (I’ve also learned quite a bit about putting together custom Dollfies since I first started) that I could barely even call this a “project”. Oh well, doesn’t matter, smile protected. Speaking of smiles…

The Photos

Yay for Rem’s first Photoshoot! Also, please excuse the heavy editing – I think I went a bit overboard this time, but I really wanted to make Rem look cute.

Special thanks to Computer Monitor-san to provide some backdrop. Cause my TYPE-MOON merchandise-filled apartment does not make for a fitting background.

Cute hand poses

Sorry Rem, winter is coming (scratch that, it already came) and it’s too cold outside, so we’re staying inside

Wait, where were you looking in that last picture!?

“If it’s you, I’m okay with it…”

Ahhh, too much cuteness! Pomf!

What are we going to do on the bed?

Take more pictures of that beautiful smile of course!

The Happy Ending

What do we have here? :O

It’s a wedding dress! Specifically, Nemu Asakura Memorial Wedding Ver’s dress, on loan from jadepixel!

Finally, a happy ending. Rem deserved this. Fuck you Subaru.

The Omake

The Three Bakas

Just kidding! I don’t have enough space on my already-tiny desk in the corner to fit you there Rem. But you get a pillow instead. In the middle of the living room beside all the plushies so you won’t get lonely.

The Omake 2

I love you Keripo-kun! Will you marry me?

And that’s all for now! Would like to do some more photoshoots with Rem in the future, but it’ll probably have to wait til spring when it’s warmer outside. Til then!


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