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Dragon Nest Mod Pack – Sorceress

Downloads All Downloads (Mirror) Files: – dn-costumes-v11-Resources-cn.zip – Required – Costumes/dn-costumes-v12-so_blood_d.zip – Siren – Costumes/dn-costumes-v12-so_daeyoun_d.zip – Antique – Costumes/dn-costumes-v12-so_ikon_d.zip – Ornate – Costumes/dn-costumes-v12-so_normal.zip – Default – Costumes/dn-costumes-v12-so_ropie_d.zip – Caster See the NA Current Armors thread for cross-checking costume names. Note that some costumes are full body and cannot be divided into swappable parts.

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Dragon Nest Costume Renamer + Modding Tools

Downloads All Downloads (Mirror) Files: – dn-costumes-tools-v12.zip (Tools) – dn-costumes-screenshots-v12.zip (Screenshots) All costume mod packs generated using dn-costumes-tools (and all my other threads/releases) can be found here.

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Dragon Nest Custom Costume – Shinigami

Downloads All Downloads (Mirror) Files: – Custom Sets/dn-costumes-custom-so_shinigami_black-v5.zip – Black – Custom Sets/dn-costumes-custom-so_shinigami_gold-v5.zip – Gold – Custom Sets/dn-costumes-custom-so_shinigami_red-v5.zip – Red – Custom Sets/dn-costumes-custom-so_shinigami_white-v5.zip – White

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Game History

Gaming is my hobby and I enjoy playing online MMORPGs during my free time. I’m a semi-hardcore PvPer and theorycrafter (with a focus in medium-scale group PvP) and frequently upload YouTube videos and occasionally Twitch stream. Here is a partial list of online games that I’ve played over the years. Who knows, you might just recognize my IGN here or there ^_^ Games below are ordered by importance. All servers are North American unless otherwise noted. Chronological timeline: KoL > PWI > FW > DN > Senlyn > GW2 > Tera > AA > Cabal 2 > FGO > BnS …

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[DN-NA] Welcome from RQ

(Direct download) 2011-08-19 Dragon Nest NA-Argenta PvP- Welcome from RQ. Recorded by Majestyca, lvl 24 Mystic. Background music is “Bo Peep Bo Peep (Areia Remix)” by T-ara, remixed by Areia Creations, followed by “Run Devil Run (Robotaki Remix)” by SNSD, remixed by Robotaki. While I usually don’t listen to K-Pop, this music choice was inspired by this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lncpOpJEbGw Was going through my screenshots folder and found some video recordings from the first day DN-NA opened up PvP. Took the clips of group PvPing with RQ and stuck them together to make this video. Mystics don’t do well in solo …

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