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[DN-NA] Welcome from RQ

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2011-08-19 Dragon Nest NA-Argenta PvP- Welcome from RQ. Recorded by Majestyca, lvl 24 Mystic. Background music is “Bo Peep Bo Peep (Areia Remix)” by T-ara, remixed by Areia Creations, followed by “Run Devil Run (Robotaki Remix)” by SNSD, remixed by Robotaki. While I usually don’t listen to K-Pop, this music choice was inspired by this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lncpOpJEbGw

Was going through my screenshots folder and found some video recordings from the first day DN-NA opened up PvP. Took the clips of group PvPing with RQ and stuck them together to make this video. Mystics don’t do well in solo PvP at this current lvl 24 level cap, but in group PvP, they’re not too bad. Since it was my first time PvPing, however, don’t expect any mad combos – I’m pretty sure I made a bunch of silly mistakes and skill-spammed a few times. The last few rounds of both fights were silly as the members of the opposing teams kept ragequitting, but I guess that’s why we’re called RageQuit ; (

RageQuit Inc.: http://rqclan.com/
DragonNestMods: http://dragonnestmods.com/forum
DragonNestSource: http://www.dragonnestsource.com/forum/images-video-art-sound/6104-video-dragon-nest-na-pvp-welcome-rq.html

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