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[GW2] Beastgate Borderlands (Bonus Material)

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“Beastgate Borderlands (Bonus Material)” – Guild Wars 2 WvW video.
Contains material from 2012-09-21 to 2012-09-22, Blackgate vs Yak’s Bend vs Gates of Madness
Recorded by [RQ] Valkyrja Flame of RageQuit Inc. lvl 80 staff elemental, hybrid build.
The edited song clip in the intro is from “Borderlands” by Mami Kawada. Short song clip after the intro is the first few seconds of “You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)” by Dead Record. Usage of copyright audio content is for non-commercial purposes and permissible under Fair Use.

These are various random clips of interest captured over the past two days. The video consists of the following:
Bonus Material #1: Video footage of an orb being fly hacked across the map to Gates of Madness’ keep. Silly hackers, it won’t help your server win, it’ll only unfairly tarnish your reputation ; /
Bonus Material #2: Some enemy players decided to put a treb and ballistas in the middle of nowhere. Not sure why they put it there, considering we owned both the supply camp and the keep (and the nearby enemy tower was low on supply). Quite amusing.
Bonus Material #3: We put a ballista in the field to splash-damage a treb placed at the edge of the Garrison. Someone noticed and attacked it, but didn’t manage to destroy it. Their attack, however, did somehow bug the ballista…
Bonus Material #4: Yak’s Bend zerged in through a trebb’ed NE wall of the Bay keep. We rushed to defend, only to discover that half their forces decided to run all the way to the S gate and try to melee down the Reinforced Gate for some reason. Thanks to them, we were able to defend the keep.
Bonus Material #5: The non-serious, just-for-fun Siege Golem assault. Happened cause I threw 5 Alpha Golem blueprints (from jumping puzzles) into the Mystic Forge and wanted to see an Omega Golem in action. Over the course of 1.5hrs, we built up 6 Siege Golems and massed them to attack the Bay keep. Unfortunately, by then the defenders had given up on the map, but it was still pretty fun.

RageQuit Inc.: http://rqclan.com/
Blackgate War Council: http://blackgatewvw.com
GW2 Forums: https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/community/links/Video-Beastgate-Borderlands-Guild-Wars-2-Blackgate-WvW
GW2Guru: http://www.guildwars2guru.com/videos/view-1956-beastgate-borderlands-bonus-material-guild-wars-2-blackgate-wvw/

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