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[GW2] Beastgate Borderlands

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“Beastgate Borderlands” – Guild Wars 2 WvW video.
Contains material from 2012-09-21 to 2012-09-22, Blackgate vs Yak’s Bend vs Gates of Madness
Recorded by [RQ] Valkyrja Flame of RageQuit Inc. lvl 80 staff elemental, hybrid build.
The edited song clip in the intro is from “Borderlands” by Mami Kawada. Background music info is shown at the end of the video. Usage of copyright audio content is for non-commercial purposes and permissible under Fair Use.

Various clips of WvW action on the Borderlands, from the perspective of the Blackgate server. As I was busy most of the time leading as one of the Commander and typing instructions to map chat, there aren’t many individual moments of note, so I just put together clips that demonstrated why we are known as “Beastgate”

RageQuit Inc.: http://rqclan.com/
Blackgate War Council: http://blackgatewvw.com
GW2 Forums: https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/community/links/Video-Beastgate-Borderlands-Guild-Wars-2-Blackgate-WvW
GW2Guru: http://www.guildwars2guru.com/videos/view-1955-beastgate-borderlands-guild-wars-2-blackgate-wvw/

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