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Complete TYPE-MOON PC Game Collection

Half a year after I started figure collecting, I have finally completed my TYPE-MOON PC game collection. Well, technically not 100% yet since I highly doubt I’ll ever manage to get my hands on the Tsukihime Preview or Trial Edition floppies. I’m also missing the standard version of Mahouyo (just a different box art and no artbook) and Melty Blood Re-Act -Final Tuned Ver. 2- (I didn’t know there were two versions) but I’ll get them later. Photo missing Tsukihime ~Half Moon Edition~ and Tsukihime PLUS+DISC 5,433 total views, no views today

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TYPE-MOON Fes 10th Anniversary BD (Aniplex)

I’ve never written any real product reviews before but seeing as this is a recently released item and I don’t see any English reviews of it out yet, I decided to break that trend. Took out my new Sony DSC-RX100 (so much better than my old crappy phone camera) and took a bunch of photos with the help of Neco-Arc. 4,431 total views, no views today

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Custom Saber Dakimakura and Arcueid Couch Cover

Hobby Heart is an online dakimakura store that, alongside a pretty wide selection of dakimakuras and bed sheets/duvet covers, also provides custom printing services. It is run by a single person by the name of Fong. In this article, I review two custom items purchased: a custom Arcueid bed sheet (used as a couch cover) and a custom Saber dakimakura. http://www.hobbyheart.com/ (*NSFW*) Picture containing my custom Saber dakimakura and custom Arcueid couch cover among other TYPE-MOON linens/etc 10,785 total views, 1 views today

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Before I became a figure collector…

So technically this isn’t my first blog post (my first was a Detolf baseball case shelf tutorial) but I’ve never really bothered writing any kind of proper blog in the past, so I’ll treat this blog entry as my “first” post here on MFC. As the title says, it will be a look into the history that built up to the start of my figure collecting hobby (my 2012 year-end update will come as a separate post). Its a huge block-o-text that is probably half ranting, half linked pictures, and maybe a few words of interest here and there. That …

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Baseball card cases as Detolf raisers

IKEA’s Detolfs are arguably the cheapest glass display cases you’ll find around but with one major issue: there are only 4 shelves. For most collectors, 4 shelves is far from enough to display all your awesome figures. Each shelf is also pretty deep, so filling them normally would only result in the back figures being blocked from the front. And because each shelf is so tall, there’s a lot of empty space. The easy solution: make more shelves! By creating a second, elevated “shelf” in the back using baseball card cases, you will now be able to display an entire …

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