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Uncanny Dreams 2013

Just came back from Uncanny Dreams in Seattle, my very first doll convention since I became a Dollfie Dream owner. Was a bit smaller than I expected (having only attended anime cons before), but was still pretty interesting. There were only three Dollfie Dream owners there, and I’m pretty sure I was the only guy doll owner there too… orz 4,860 total views, no views today

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Moving into the new place

So right after my Japan trip I actually had to start packing to move to a new place. The bad news was that I had some heavy Detolfs and a few hundred figures to box up and move. The good news was that the new place was right across the street and much bigger (aka more display space!) Here’s some pictures I took of the process. Still not completely done tidying up my new place yet (let alone finish unpacking all the figures), so expect a more organized, complete “room tour” blog post down the road. One last photo of …

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Arcueid Brunestud V0 Custom Dollfie Dream

So a while back before I left for my Japan trip, I decided on whim to try to create a custom Dollfie Dream. Intro: Before, I really didn’t have much interest in DDs. To me, they were just really big and expensive dolls, kinda like large figmas but with clothing. Apart from my TYPE-MOON collection, I mainly only collect gunpla (because I’m a huge Gundam fanboy and like building stuff) and PVC figures (because the artistic side of my strongly appreciates the sculpting). That was until I came across this unknown image: . Being a huge Arcueid fan (Arc is …

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Dollfie Dream at Tenshi no Sato

See Flickr for the complete photo set For photos of Tenshi no Sato, see my previous post Tenshi no Sato (aka “Angel’s Den”) is the heaven for Volks doll owners (website). Located in Kyoto a short walk away from the JR Saga-Arashiyama station, it is a facility dedicated for allowing doll owners and their dolls to com and relax (and take pictures of course). 3,656 total views, 1 views today

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Japan Trip 2013 – Tenshi no Sato and Kyoto Station

See Flickr for the complete photo set Went to Tenshi no Sato (aka Angel’s Den) in Kyoto for my last traveling day in Japan. For those who don’t know, Tenshi no Sato is the Super Dollfie/Dollfie Dream haven (reservation required). Took a bunch of pics there with my new DDH-07 dollfie (see next blog post), then we wandered around Kyoto Station a bit. 4,062 total views, no views today

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Japan Trip 2013 – Hakone

See Flickr for the complete photo set Boating and going up and down the mountains of Hakone during the rain, then and another ramen museum! 1,859 total views, no views today

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