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Neco-Arc ~Deka Ver~ Nendoroid Plus (GSC)

This one really doesn’t have a story behind it… I saw, I bought, I conqueuered (yay for Mandarake). I’ve been trying to collect every single Neco-Arc figure and this is the second last item before completion (the last illusive item would be the Neco-Arc Chaos counterpart). This figma/action figure is part of Good Smile Company’s rare line of Nendoroid Plus. In this case, it is a huge Neco-Arc made out of wood and with limited mobility. I’m not familiar with the background of when/how this was released, but I do know that it’s quite rare and limited ;3

And so, here’s a pictoral review of this oversized Nendoroid. With the help of a smaller Neco-Arc! Enjoy!


– Type: Nendoroid Plus
– Character: Neco-Arc
– Version: Deka
– Series: Tsukihime/Melty Blood
– Company: Good Smile Company
– Sculptor: Nendoron
– Release date: 2008/01 (Hobby Complex 01, Limited)
– Specs: Non-scale, ABS, PVC, H=250 mm (9.75 in)
– Price: ¥6000
– JAN: N/A

Good Smile Company product page
MyFigureCollection entry
Miki-tan’s blog


The Box


Official TYPE-MOON seal

Pretty simple yet sturdy cardboard box


Neco-Arc excited to see a fellow NEKO spirit

Some quality family bonding time

The box’s size didn’t lie


Oops, didn’t see you there…

It’s all good!

The biggest Neco-Arc with the smallest Neco-Arc


The Nendoroid Plus as seen from the back

The head and arms could rotate 360 degrees

The feet could also rotate 360 degrees

The head could not tilt up/down, only rotate

Since all joints were centred and the head had a fixed backwards tilt, the figure had zero centre of balance… the only way to keep it free-standing would be to rotate the tail downwards and use it to prevent the figure from falling backwards.

This backwards lean does make it look like it wants a hug though I guess… (though remember, it’s made of hard wood, not plastic even…)

Bought from Mandarake, this was second hand, so there’s a few paint transfers here and there… should be removable with an eraser though

The well defined ears made me happy… most of the times neko-ears are just sculpted flat and coloured in, but this one explicitly stuck out. Want to squeeze ;3 (except it’s made of wood, QQ)


Neco-Arcs unite! Citizens of the Great Cat’s Village, big and small ^_^


MyFigureCollection: http://myfigurecollection.net/blog/7703

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