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[F/GO] Datadump of the translated strings for F/GO’s NA client v1.0.0

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[Spoilers] Datadump of the translated strings for F/GO’s NA client v1.0.0 from grandorder

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Here’s a data dump of all the translated strings from the F/GO English APK, version 1.0.0. They were extracted from the decompiled APK directly (from file /assets/bin/Data/48df543212aba644aabf0b853e656823 generated by apktool). These are SYSTEM STRINGS ONLY! They do not include the actual story lines or servant lines. Those get downloaded on the fly.

You can check these through if you are curious on how the official English translations compare to the JP terms and unofficial terms used by the English-speaking fanbase. Note that NOT all of these strings will be used (for example, the age verification strings still use Japanese yen instead of USD… this makes me suspect that we won’t have this restriction). For the most part, most of the translations/terms should be familiar to veteran JP players. Some though, will be new (for example, “Unregistered Spirit Origin” is the official translation for “Blank Saint Graphs”).

Because this dump includes strings from ALL current and FUTURE events, there will be **SPOILERS** for those who have not played the Japanese version. **YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!**

For comparison, here is the dump of the JP APK, version 1.23.0: https://pastebin.com/jSnertke


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