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New unofficial MFC Twitter page

So after creating the unofficial MFC Facebook page, I got a lot of requests asking for a Twitter equivalent. So I made one! Like the Facebook page, the Twitter page will tweet the daily top 5 Pictures of the Day and top 3 Reader’s Selection. Content is grabbed from custom Feed43 RSS feeds here and here (please do not edit them), and scheduled to post every day at 6pm at 30 minute intervals. My Figure Collection – Unofficial Twitter page So go ahead and follow the new Twitter page, and don’t forget to also like the existing Facebook page! Enjoy! …

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New unofficial MFC Facebook page

A long while back, MyFigureCollection.net used to have working RSS feeds, but they randomly disappeared one day. I poked around and found that there’s official MFC Facebook and Twitter pages, but neither of them seem to follow any logical order in terms of posting content (old content and new content gets mixed in, rather than just the latest like you’d expect). It seems kumasan has plans for future updates, but in the meanwhile, I decided to experiment and make my own. After messing around with Facebook apps and RSS feed generation, I managed to set up a new Facebook page …

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Happy Chinese New Year + Website Updates

Happy Chinese New Year! Happy Chinese New Year everyone! For those who don’t know, January 31st is this year’s Chinese New Year, also known as the “Spring Festival”. It marks as the first day of the Lunar New Year, which is based on the lunar cycles of the lunar calendar rather than the solar cycles of the Gregarian calendar. While most of the world uses the Gregarian calendar as an international standard, the lunar calendar is still used for many traditional holidays in many asian and middle-eastern cultures (including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indian, etc.) although the degree of celebration …

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Hello World!

Welcome… to “The World” ~Ovan to Haseo, .hack//GU A favourite quote from the .hack//GU video game of the popular .hack video game and anime series. This also serves as this website/blog’s obligatory “hello world” – the first line of text that all programmers have printed out at one point or another at the start of their hacking journey ^_^ This website will serve as my main blog and info dump for the various personal and online projects that I work on. This includes programming projects (both software development and hardware hackery), gaming (mostly PvP videos for MMORPGs), and anime-related stuff …

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