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NOTE! If you are using the newest iPod Updater from the Apple site, you’ll need to downgrade to an older updater! Installer 2 will not work with the newest updater! See the “Bugs” section.

This now uses Installer 2 for ease! In addition, if you selected iPodLoader 2 as the bootloader, this also installs Rockbox along with iPodLinux!

This may work for other models (its basically the same infrastructure) but I won’t make any guarantees! Some files (such as the iBoy file that is built specifically for the nano) will need to be replaced with the model’s equivalent or changed. If you have tested it on another model, please post the results! (5g’s might not even work at all due to their /mnt mounting)

ZillaZero Alpha v 1.3.4, Installer 2 version
>> http://www.millarnet.com/keripo/ <<


Pre. Go to the link from the website above. Download the first link [Installer] and the last one [iDoom Expansion Pack] if you want. You do not need to download the two Rockbox zips – they are already included in the Installer.

Pre 2. Extract the Installer rar into a folder you can name “ZZ Installer” or whatever. If you downloaded the iDoom pack, extract that too the _root folder.

1. Plug in your iPod. Preferably leave it in the Apple OS for quicker write-speed.

2. Run the HP USB Formatter.exe to completely wipe clean your iPod. Be sure that you have all your files backed up because they will disappear anyways.

3. Run iPodUpdater.exe. Make sure you have downloaded the latest version from the Apple website. Use your iPW-modded updater if you have instead. Otherwise, apply iPodWizard themes and mods after this step. Either way, choose “Restore” and wait for your iPod to restart and reboot.

4. Run the ZillaZero Installer.exe. Its just the official, networkless Installer 2 with the packages.ipl file modified.

5. Make sure its the data partition thats being shrunk. Change the partition size to 50mb, which is more than enough. Next.

6. Choose iPodLoader 2 as the loader type. Making a backup should not be necessary (and its very slow), but if you want, keep it checked. Select “Advanced Partitioning and Package selection and click Next. Everything should be selected. Now click next and wait. The entire installation process should take less than half an hour (note: when it says 50% done, its not actually 50% done ; P ).

7. Once its done, unplug your iPod and let it reboot. Choose Apple OS and plug it back into the computer.

8. Copy everything in the “_root files” into the normal root of your iPod (ie, right in the E:/ drive or wherever you iPod is).

9. Disconnect your iPod and reboot. You will now have ZillaZero on iPL and Rockbox! Don’t forget to put your iBoy, Atari800 and Mame roms into the rom folders and add your favourite Rockbox WPS’s!

10. If you want more iDoom games, extract the iDoom Expansion Pack also to the root of your iPod. If you don’t want Rockbox ( you deviant! ), delete the .rockbox folder, Games folder and the rockbox.ipod file from the root of your iPod.

11. Enjoy! ^_^

~ Keripo


The default podzilla 2 scheme won’t be saved across sections. This is probably because the location of the podzilla 2 schemes is in the Fat32 partition, where symlinks can’t exist. One work about is to take the *.cs file of the scheme you want to keep, copy it and rename the copy to “default.cs”. This way, the scheme is used as default at startup but cannot be changed properly. To swap schemes, copy over another .cs file as default.cs manually.

For those who are currently using the newest iPod Updater (2006-06-28), you’ll need to downgrade to an older version as the new one doesn’t support “sysinfo” and you’ll get sysinfo and MBR errors. To downgrade, download this installer and run it. When restoring, use this older iPod Updater instead.

iPL forums: http://ipl.derpapst.org/oldforums/viewtopic.php?t=9614
Mirror: http://keripo.com/static/projects/ipl/forums/Linux%20On%20iPod%20%20%20View%20topic%20-%20ZillaZero%20%5BOld,%20see%20ZeroNet!%5D.htm

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