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Tohsaka Rin ~Unlimited Blade Works~ 1/7 (GSC)

Your favourite, twin-tail, grade-A zettai ryouiki tsundere, Tohsaka Rin, looking all badass in the Unlimited Blade Works route.

More like grade S zettai ryouiki!

This is just the first of a long series of post-unboxing, backlogged TYPE-MOON figure reviews. After moving to my new place, I set up a nice corner of the room for figure photography and took a bunch of review-style photo sets of figures as I re-unboxed them. Most of these figures are second hand, B/B grade, so keep that in mind when going through the photos.

– Type: PVC figure
– Character: Tohsaka Rin
– Version: Unlimited Blade Works
– Series: Fate/stay night
– Company: Good Smile Company
– Sculptor: Yokota Ken
– Release date: 2011/11/28 (Standard), 2011/06/06 (Standard)
– Specs: 1/7, PVC, H=265 mm (10.34 in)
– Price: ¥8380
– JAN: 4582191965512

Good Smile Company product page
MyFigureCollection entry
Suruga-ya entry


Nicely themed box

Rin in blister pack

Who needs the manual?

All the parts laid out – Gilgamesh would be interested

Nice textured base

There are some little holes where you are supposed to stick the swords

Underneath, you see the blocks for the sword slots

Speaking of the swords…

Unnamed sword #1

Unnamed sword #2

Unnamed sword #3

Rin’s Azoth Sword, a Mystic Code in the form of a dagger, handed down to her indirectly from her late father

Like with GSC’s other sword/daggers/weapons with a handle, pop off the end cap of the handle to attach to hand

Rin’s alternate hand holding her signature prana jewels used for offensive spells (i.e. “magic missiles”)

Rin’s other alternat hand holds the family pendant that Rin used to revive Shirou during the start of Fate/stay night

Rin, sans base or weapons

Lets take a *cough* closer look…


That delicious zettai ryouiki…

The feet joins with the base through a long metal pole. Felt a bit wobbly but does the job

Swords just stick into the tiny slots. They’re also a loose fit and easily falls out if you don’t stick them in deep enough. That said, sticking them in too hard will result in paint transfers, so be gentle.

Rin, with base, holding her pendant

Right hand holding the Azoth Sword instead of the pendant

Left hand holding the jewels

Left hand just being empty

I settled with pendant + jewels

With the box

Here’s the original artwork which the figure is based on:

Tohsaka Rin, the classical example of tsundere

Have to include a pic of loli Rin from Fate/Zero


Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/keripo/sets/72157641645082114/
MyFigureCollection: http://myfigurecollection.net/blog/11385

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