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[F/GO] London Drop Rate Table

Reddit post:

London Drop Rate Table from grandorder

Copy-paste archive:

Location|AP|Level|Infinity Gear|Forbidden Page|Homunculus Baby|Void Dust|Unlucky Bone|Runs
Regent Park|16|44|4|0|–|–|–|50
Old Street|15|42|7|–|–|–|–|50
City of London|15|42|–|–|9|–|–|50
White Chapel|15|42|5|–|–|0|–|50
Hyde Park|20|68|–|7|–|–|11|50
West Minister|16|44|–|–|6|–|7|50

# Recommendations

* **Infinity Gear**: Clerkenwell
* **Forbidden Page**: Hyde Park
* **Homunculus Baby**: Southwark
* **Void Dust**: Just do regular ascension item dailies
* **Unlucky Bone**: Fuyuki X-G is still better than Clerkenwell if you just need bones
* **Monuments/pieces**: Just do regular ascension item dailies, the drop rate is way too low (I did not record, but it was insignificant)

# Notes

* Entries “–” indicate that no drops of that type are expected from the mobs in that quest.
* Translated location names were taken from [Cirnopedia](http://fate-go.cirnopedia.info/quest_chapter_04.php#nav)
* Drop data was collected in fixed sets to avoid cognitive bias. A sample size of 50 was chosen as to balance ease of comparison and avoid unnecessary AP wasting on my part.
* Due to the low sample size, calculated drop rates are ACCURATE but not PRECISE. This means that if you were to do 50 runs yourself, you will very likely get similar results, but not the same
* Quest difficulty is not factored in to the recommendation section, but the general trend I’ve noticed is that harder (higher level) quests have higher drop rates. Its up to you to decide what balance of quest difficulty vs drop rate you want to take on.
* The commonly shared [ascension drop map](http://imgur.com/a/6nXq9) indicates potential drop numbers, but that does not mean mobs will actually drop that many. In many cases, quests of higher AP cost would have higher drop rates than those of lower cost even if the lower cost one had more mobs that could potentially drop the item.
* Special thanks to ValinRivers and Mirrinigma from [FGO chat](http://fgo-chat.chatango.com) for helping with data collection for some of the locations.

Happy farming!


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