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Podzilla2 Halloween Scheme

Well, due to school-related reasons, I haven’t had a chance to release this in time (3 days late ain’t bad…) , but nevertheless, here’s a full Halloween-themed PZ2 scheme, suitable for colour and mono iPods. Here’s some snapshots made by the Jonrelay’s Scheme Editor:

There’s two versions for download. The first is an experimental one where the used files are held together in a neatly organized folder. I hope this one works as that would mean future schemes would not need scattered files but rather just contain one scheme file and one folder (similar to how the Rockbox WPS’ work). If it doesn’t work, however, then try the second version, which is just a typical .cs file with a bunch of scattered pic files.

Halloween Scheme Download
Halloween Scheme v2 Download (try first one first)

I haven’t tested it on my nano yet, but I assume that it should work. I need to know if the folder trick works though, and I’m not sure about the exact pixel dimensions for the pumpkin load average pic and the moon battery pic. If either are off pixel wise, just tell me and how much they’re off by. Otherwise, enjoy your post-Halloween treat! :wink:


iPodLinux forums: http://ipl.derpapst.org/oldforums/viewtopic.php?t=19277

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