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[GW2] Critical Hit

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2012-04-27 – “Critical Hit” – Guild Wars 2 PvP video.
Recorded by Valkyrie of RageQuit Inc. PvP Warrior, rifle-axe burst-crit build.
Song info shown at the end of the video.

This is PvP footage from the first Guild Wars 2 open beta weekend (for those who pre-purchased the game). Was extremely busy this week with school work so this video only contains FRAPS capture from a few hours of gameplay. The game ran pretty smoothly on my Dell XPS 17 laptop, but network lag was quite problematic (e.g. see the second fight against the charr warrior). There was a ridiculous number of thieves in PvP, some of which put up a decent fight (but most were overly-squishy against my glass-cannon build).

Note: This video was made during the FIRST beta weekend. The game has changed drastically since then, and the strategy and build used in this video are no longer valid. My main focus is also now on WvW as an elementalist, so I do not play warrior anymore.

RageQuit Inc.: http://rqclan.com/
Guild Wars 2: http://www.guildwars2.com/en/the-game/
GW2 Beta Forums: https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/community/fangen/PvP-Video-Critical-Hit-Guild-Wars-2-PvP/
GW2Guru: http://www.guildwars2guru.com/videos/view-27-critical-hit-guild-wars-2-warrior-pvp/

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