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Japan Trip 2013 – Asakusa

See Flickr for the complete photo set

This is the second week now. Break from Akihabara, lets visit some other places. This time around, we visit the Sensoji temple in Asakusa \o/

Can you guess what anime the below screenshot is from? ; 3

Lets start the day off with some delicious ramen (mine is the third and least colourful one orz)

We took a detour to walk over some nice looking bridges

Pro bus ad

The other bridge was red

Just the streets of Azakusa

The famous Sensoji temple

The stalls are full of tourist traps, but whatever xD

Interesting machines

I bit it’s head off first

We sidetracked a bit into the side malls

Temple pics

There was a huge lineup for delicious shaved ice… this ain’t crappy American quality carnival shaved ice either, this is the real stuff!

Silly gaijins, spilling stuff all over the place already!


Taking a group picture with the students that pointed us to the shaved ice

The very FIRST and ONLY public garbage can I’ve spotted that is NOT in front of a 7/11 or Family Mart

More temple pics

Drawing omikuji (fortunes)

I draw…

Bad luck…


0.5/3. I quit.

Tied up all three

Burn some incents and inhale the cancer-inducing fumes

Cleanse your hands with some holy water

In case Reimu hasn’t taught you anything, you throw money in the box and magical stuff like wish granting happens (or so they say)

The inside of the temple is pretty shiny

Beautiful ladies in kimonos

Food stalls, no gold fish catching stall this time though ;'(

Side mall again

This guy did some really cool magic tricks – gave him all my change (which was a lot, considering I had a few 500 yen coins)

Bought a kitsune mask, couldn’t figure out how they wear it sideways in anime though

Takoyaki, and taking pictures of gaijin taking pictures of takoyaki

Stay tuned for more Japan Akihabara goodness!


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